Cincinnati's Sustainable Salon

Our Commitment – Your Peace of Mind. Sustainability is a lifestyle at A Salon Named Desire. From the products we use and our electricity usage policies, to our conversations and our atmosphere, we are conscious about people and the planet in everything we do.

Experience your personal best at A Salon Named Desire, the first sustainable salon in Cincinnati. 

Healing Atmosphere
At a salon named Desire, we strongly believe in the healing power of low VOC full spectrum paint. There are other wonderful brands available on the market now, but we continue to subscribe to Ellen Kennon’s wonderful paints to further enhance our ambiance of holistic well-being.

Products & Packaging
The products we use at A Salon Named Desire are carefully researched and reviewed to ensure they meet our Sustainable and cruelty-free standards.

Organic and Pesticide Free
All coffees, teas, and treats sold or served at a salon named Desire are purchased locally, guaranteed fair trade, organic, and pesticide-free. We reuse all dishes and glasses to reduce waste.